EXTREME RISING came from Extreme Reunion where alumni of the ever popular professional wrestling company, Extreme Championship Wrestling (E.C.W.) reunited to pay homage to the past, and to look forward at restarting a type of wrestling company that has not been seen since the original E.C.W. went out of business in 2001 and purchased by the WWE.

Veterans of Extreme who have appeared in 2012 for the company have included :  “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, Raven, Sabu, Jerry Lynn, Devon Storm, Stevie Richards, 2 Cold Scorpio, The Sandman, Al Snow w/head, Perry Saturn, The Blue Meanie, The Full Blooded Italians (Little Guido & Tony Mamaluke), The Original Gangstas (New Jack and Mustafa), Axl Rotten, Balls Mahoney, CW Anderson, and Pitbull Gary Wolf.

Extreme Rising also welcomed new faces in Matt Hardy, Homicide, Luke Hawx, Slyvester Turkay, Blk Out (Jeez & Ruckus), Los Dramaticos, Papadon, Cripple H, Jersey Shore Guy, La Park 5th Avenue, Kris Rex,  and not to forget the women of the new Extreme in Leanne, Christina Vicious, Reby Sky, and Taya Parker.

Years after E.C.W. closed, the popularity of the brand carried on as Vince McMahon’s WWE released the very successful “Rise and Fall of ECW” documentary DVD in 2004, followed by a 2005 ECW reunion Pay Per View event “One Night Stand”. That same year ECW originals, independent from the WWE, promoted “Hardcore Homecoming” wildly successful reunion shows with their debut at the original ECW venue in South Philadelphia, drawing more than the original company ever did in that building. The company also released very popular DVDs of the events and documentary. Finally in 2010, TNA wrestling brand (seen on Spike TV) presented their version of an ECW reunion show as part of their “Hardcore Justice” Pay Per View event which drew the promotion’s best numbers in years, quadrupling their normal monthly buy rates.

With the announcement of Extreme Reunion and the re-branding as Extreme Rising, the response has been overwhelming from the fans and we have hosted three successful events. Extreme Rising ignited a revolution in pro wrestling to give fans old and new what they have been longing for. From entertaining, non-PG, multi-layered storylines presented with athletic professional wrestling and characters, to the Rocky Horror-like audience participation. The fan base that supports the extreme brand is extremely loyal and rabid, willing to travel hundreds of miles to events, search out TV shows, DVDs, and ancillary products that invoke and support the Extreme brand and talent. To say the fans are passionate is an understatement.

The future is wide open and bright, where anything and everything can happen. TV, Pay Per View, and more live events could all easily be in Extreme Rising’s future.