What Is the EXTREME REUNION Street Team?

Extreme Reunion is looking for fans that want to help promote EXTREME REUNION in their hometown. Extreme Reunion is presently seeking members for its Street Team. We are looking for people across the United States to help for one or two afternoons with the distribution of flyers and posters in your area. We are looking for people to promote in your area, at high schools, colleges, shopping centers, sporting events and any other high traffic areas in your hometown.

OCCASIONALLY, Extreme Reunion Team members will have access to free tickets, VIP entry, and possibly other rewards.

With the experience you gain by working with Extreme Reunion you can use it on resumes, college applications and for future job references.

Extreme Reunion is being built on the past, with an emphasis on the future and is built; and will survive with the help and strength of its fans. This is your opportunity to make a direct impact on the company’s success. We are looking for hard working, enthusiastic individuals to become members of the Extreme Misfits Street Team. To sign up, fill out the application found below. Thank you for your interest and support of Extreme Reunion.

Extreme Reunion would like to clarify a misconception/miscommunication with persons interested in joining the Extreme Reunion “Street Team”. It seems that persons are being mislead that they will receive tickets for handing out fliers. While Extreme Reunion appreciates the help and effort of any individual willing to help, the rewards for each “street team task” is taken into consideration for the exchanged workload. We are not in the habit of giving out a free ticket to anyone who hands out 50 fliers, and unattended at that. Meaning we would hope people are putting these fliers into peoples hands or in the right spot to get noticed. There is no way for us to track the work and are working on an honor system. For the Extreme movement to grow and rebuild, we need the fans help. Help because they want to, not just to get a free stuff –that stuff is a bonus. If people do not want to help after reading this, we understand, but understand we have and are spending alot of money to do this and relaunch, and it is just financially impossible to compensate everyone who hands out a few fliers.  


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