Within the last hour, Extreme Rising has made a final change in concerns to the rescheduling and new return date to Pittsburgh,PA and wanted to share this with all of you immediately.

After announcing the new return date, some of the core talents for Extreme Rising roster notified the office that they are unable to accept the booking for the May 10th date as they have a previous commitment.  After communicating and weighing the options, we have decided it is best for the fans and talent to move the date from the 10th to MAY 3rd 2014 officially.  By doing so, this will accommodate the fans with the absolute best available talent lineup to perform at the event, “Black, Gold, and Extreme” Saturday, May 3rd 2014.

We will be contacting ANYONE and EVERYONE who purchased a ticket online via email and phone in the next few hours to provide the options to you personally.

Extreme Rising has arranged a new, return date for the rescheduled event for SATURDAY, MAY 3rd at 7pm at the IRISH CENTRE in the Squirrel Hill section ofPittsburgh,PA.


We are offering various options for fans who have already purchased tickets for 2/8.

  • Extreme Rising will honor all tickets purchased for the February 8th for the newly scheduled date of Saturday, May 3rd, 2014.  You may also contact EXTREME RISING at info@extremerising.com or 215-385-5117 to exchange your tickets for the new scheduled (dated) ticketPittsburgh return.  If you are exchanging for the 5/3 event we must arrange your new ticket delivery.
    • THE FOLLOWING IS ONLY FOR PEOPLE WHO ARE EXCHANING TICKETS from 2/8 to 5/3.  For those who have purchased tickets already and want to exchange them for the 5/3 Irish Centre event, we are offering the following bonuses for the inconvenience of this weather rescheduling:  1) Between 4pm – 5pm on 5/3 we will provide a free cookout with hot dogs, hamburgers, and sodas with the crew and some wrestlers outdoors. (ONLY OPEN TO THOSE WHO PURCHASED TICKETS ONLINE TO 2/8 AND ARE EXCHANGING TICKETS  2)  Between 5pm – 5:30pm on 5/3 we will present a special Q&A session ringside.  3)  Between 5:30 – 6pm we will host a free ringside meet and greet with free autographs (in the provided program) and free cell phone pictures with wrestlers of Extreme Rising. 4)  Finally, you will be able to retain the same exact seating arrangement you have been issued already
  • You may also exchange your tickets for 3/1 or 4/26 Philadelphia, PA event tickets by emailing info@extremerising.com to make the proper arrangements.
  • Or you may exchange the ticket price for Extreme Rising merchandise (DVDs, Poster Boards, T-shirts).  Please email info@extremerising.com to arrange.
  • You also have the option for a full refund at the point of purchase. If you purchased online email us at store@extremerising.com

Again we apologize for the inconvenience; the weather is out of our control.

Extreme Rising