It all went down Monday 3/19/12 in Philadelphia, PA.

It started at 10am when the incoming US AIRWAYS flight from Detroit, MI arrived with THE FRANCHISE SHANE DOUGLAS ready to leave the town of Philadelphia with some Extreme Reunion moments and memories.

After his pick up, Shane Douglas dined at Penrose Diner for some breakfast and signed a few autographs and took a few pictures. Next, The Franchise stopped by his old stomping grounds of the ECW Arena in South Philly to shoot some video promos. Walking back to the car, the new owners asked if Shane would like to come inside and shoot whatever he wished. Interesting… Next stop was the Pennsylvania National Guard Armory in Northeast Philly for a tour of the grounds and building; and then back to South Philly where he ran into a long time enemy Pitbull Gary Wolf as the two exchanged words and ending in a chase. During this time the Extreme Reunion team was in and around the Wells Fargo Center putting up poster boards and handing out thousands of fliers for the 4/28 Extreme Reunion show in Philly.

Finally, the finale. Shane Douglas was able to sneak into the Wells Fargo Center undetected by security wearing a black and silver lucha mask, with a white, long sleeve shirt. Just as match one between The Big Show and Kane was beginning the masked man stood up and undressed and unmasked himself to the audience with various chants of E-C-W breaking out as The Franchise got up, turned his back on Vince McMahon’s wrestling product and stormed out of the building. This was no invasion, but an publicity stunt for the 4/28 Extreme Reunion Philly event. However, on his way out security¬†accosted¬†and detained Mr. Douglas. He was then released from custody after showing his ticket.

By 10pm Eastern, Shane Douglas was back at US AIRWAYS departures at Philadelphia International Airport on his way back to his hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. A pretty eventful day for the leader of the extreme misfits!

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