QUICK RESULTS from “Extreme Rising” 6/29 Elmcor Youth and Adult Activities Center in Corona, NY.  Ring Announcers Stephen D’Angelis and Larry Legend. Commentary by Robbie Mireno and Joel Gertner.

-Papadon vs. Sabu (winner)

-Taya Parker –(hot!!!)

-The Full Blooded Italians (winners) vs. The Blue Meanie & Balls Mahoney 

-CW Anderson vs. Pitbull Gary Wolfe with Christina Vicious.. (winner)

-BLK OUT vs. El Dramaticos (winners)…

-Mustafa of the Original Gangstas hit the ring…

-New Jack made a surprise, unscheduled appearance…

-Reby Sky segment / Homicide / Matt Hardy 

-Shane Douglas promo (great ECW-ish type promo, then putting of the Return of Extreme Lucha)

-Pesadilla (Super Crazy’s Nephew) vs. Bestia 666 (Damien 666’s son) (winner)

-Luke Hawx w/Sylvester Turkay vs. Stevie Richards

-Sandman appears and canes Turkay badly

-Homicide (winner) vs Devon Storm

-Jerry Lynn vs. Matt Hardy (winner) 


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